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64 ounces of water daily. Why is this so hard?


The prevailing advice on water intake is eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Do you drink that much? Do you count? Do you agree with the recommendation?

I have three thoughts on this:

  1. One thing many people miss about this … the recommended 64 ounces is total fluid intake, not necessarily glasses of water in addition to the fluids you get from other sources. Food can provide up to 20% of your daily fluid intake. Soda, coffee and alcoholic beverages should be measured negatively if you’re keeping score. They dehydrate.
  2. I’m sure you’ve heard about the possibility that drinking too much water can kill you. You might also be able to kill yourself by trying to do 10,000 burpees … but you won’t. Google it if you’re concerned.
  3. Like everything else, water consumption should be about balance. The goal is to match the intake with the outgo – drinking vs. sweating. So the guidance I live by includes …
  • I don’t try to count – it’s probably unnecessary and kind-of obsessive
  • I make water my beverage of choice
  • I always keep water with me and drink it throughout the day
  • I drink water before, during and after exercise
  • If I’m thirsty, I might be dehydrated.

What do you think?


First in Training, NC