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Study + exercise = learning


In June I posted about the proven impact exercise has on memory. Let’s take that to another level today and talk about our kids’ education. It is thought that exercise may have an even greater impact on children whose brains are still growing throughout the school years.

The No Child Left Behind program has put intense focus on academic test performance at the expense of physical education. PE and recess time are being reduced throughout the country. Since the link between physical fitness and academic performance is well known, this trend needs to be reversed.

Vanessa Richardson sites several studies in her article, A Fit Body Means a Fit Mind. One study concludes, “…students who took PE prior to class showed one and a quarter year’s growth on the standardized reading test after just one semester, while the exercise-free students gained just nine-tenths of a year.” And the results from scheduling PE before a math class “were even more dramatic; exercising students increased their math test scores by 20.4 percent, while the rest gained 3.9 percent.”

Seriously, my friends. We need to turn this around for our kids!


First in Training, NC