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Is a 10-minute workout a waste of time?

Nope. Of course any amount of movement has value, so grab whatever time you have. Get your heart rate up if you can, work your muscles as much as possible … but just move.

A different question though might be what results you should expect from a 10-minute workout. If you do a Web search for “10 minute workout” you’ll find a ton of articles, videos, books and assorted plans on how to “get fit in 10 minutes a day.” The implication is that if you work really, really hard for 10 minutes, you can get the same results as you would with a more typical hour-long workout.

An intense 10 minutes cannot be a condensed version of a 60-minute workout. It is a portion of it. That means it’s missing some stuff – in particular, ramping up your heart beat at a healthy rate (depending on your age and health, you may need a full 10 minutes of just warm-up time to avoid injury), and stretching (more about flexibility in another blog).
So be realistic. The concept of being “fit” is usually considered to be the full meal deal: balanced strength, healthy body fat, lung endurance, quick heart recovery, a full range of flexible movement and a healthy diet. Most 10-minute workouts focus only on strength with a bit of heart elevation. Be aware of what is missing and set realistic expectations for the results you want. A reputable exercise health professional can design a program to meet the full definition of fitness and that works with your lifestyle.


First in Training, NC


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Did you know …

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the #1 fitness trend for 2014
  • When obese people were given a dog, they lost an average of 14lbs/year without dieting. (University of Missouri Columbia study)
  • One glass of wine (red or white) is roughly 100 calories.  Not bad, right?  Not so fast … At 100 calories, a “glass” is 5 ounces which is a little smaller than a yogurt container.
  • Laughter can help drop your blood pressure, reduce stress disorder
  • A good night’s sleep can fight off infection, regulate sugar levels, and improve memory.
  • News Flash: Weight loss miracle pills are bogus.  Yup, really. The Federal Trade Commission recently charged four companies with deceptive advertising related to their weight loss products.
  • News Flash #2: Diet soda doesn’t help control your weight – According to University of Texas researchers, diet soda drinkers (2 or more sodas/day) had a 500% increase in waist circumference compared with non-drinkers.
  • Flexibility matters. A more flexible muscle has the potential to become a stronger muscle. “When you stretch a muscle, you lengthen the tendons, or muscle fibers, that attach it to the bone. The longer these fibers are, the more you can increase the muscle in size when you do your strength training,” David Geier, director of sports medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston.feelbettertag

    First in Training, NC