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What motivates you to work out?

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Why do you work out? To lose weight? Improve your triathlon time? To look great on the beach? The author of 10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out hopes her daughter will see exercise as a joy, not as a price she must pay to look great in “that dress.”  I stand firm in the belief that any motivation is a good one if it gets us off the couch, but the real key to this great article is that for those who actually view exercise differently, it becomes part of who they are and the results can be astounding and unexpected.

But maybe the author’s main point is the influence we provide our kids. What are they learning from us about the part exercise plays in our life? Is it a necessary misery they must endure like getting a flu shot?  Is it about sweating in a gym and tolerating it or is it playing soccer and winning?

I’m curious … what did you learn from your parents & teachers about exercise and how did that help form your current views on it? Also, which of the 10 things in the article resonate the most for you?


First in Training, NC

One thought on “What motivates you to work out?

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