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Is a 10-minute workout a waste of time?

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Nope. Of course any amount of movement has value, so grab whatever time you have. Get your heart rate up if you can, work your muscles as much as possible … but just move.

A different question though might be what results you should expect from a 10-minute workout. If you do a Web search for “10 minute workout” you’ll find a ton of articles, videos, books and assorted plans on how to “get fit in 10 minutes a day.” The implication is that if you work really, really hard for 10 minutes, you can get the same results as you would with a more typical hour-long workout.

An intense 10 minutes cannot be a condensed version of a 60-minute workout. It is a portion of it. That means it’s missing some stuff – in particular, ramping up your heart beat at a healthy rate (depending on your age and health, you may need a full 10 minutes of just warm-up time to avoid injury), and stretching (more about flexibility in another blog).
So be realistic. The concept of being “fit” is usually considered to be the full meal deal: balanced strength, healthy body fat, lung endurance, quick heart recovery, a full range of flexible movement and a healthy diet. Most 10-minute workouts focus only on strength with a bit of heart elevation. Be aware of what is missing and set realistic expectations for the results you want. A reputable exercise health professional can design a program to meet the full definition of fitness and that works with your lifestyle.


First in Training, NC

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