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ImageWelcome Fitipzz!  This exercise bee is here to take some of the ‘sting’ out of exercise issues, common complaints and struggles by addressing some of the everyday and real issues my clients and I deal with on a daily basis.  As an exercise professional, we honestly want our clients and patients to see progress and feel better.  So believe it or not, we can have just as many frustrations with lack of progress as our clients do and can sometimes get even more excited about the progress!

ImageFitipzz comment of the day – I can’t exercise at home….  yes, actually you can! Lets find what the actual issue is that is preventing you from feeling like you can exercise at home.  Lack of privacy?  Lack of space?  Lack of ideas of what to do?   Instead, find the underlying cause and attack that.  Any great solutions or stories about working out at home when the situations are not ideal?  How do you solve that problem?


First in Training, NC

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